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 August 8th, 2011

Construction Reference: JT Quality Finish

Dear Homeowner / General Contractor, 

I would like to recommend to you Joshi Takeda, and his team of experienced professionals from JT Quality Finish. I have known Mr. Takeda for ~10 months, first as a subcontractor working on my home hired by a General Contractor who expected a high level of skill and finish carpentry knowledge. 

Diligent, hardworking, focused, honest, trustworthy, clear and personable are all key words that I use to describe Mr. Takeda whom demonstrates strong work ethic, great customer/contractor communication relationship skills, and has a great ability to discern the root cause of problems and create a win-win solution. Mr. Takeda is both experienced, yet humble man and has demonstrated a desire for learning, inexorable ability to identify resources, and outstanding commitment to his customers. My General Contractor required surgery, and when no longer available to complete my project Mr. Takeda graciously took charge. 

Mr. Takeda is consistently on time, prepared, very polite but clear in setting expectations, and maintained communications throughout the entire project. He was effective in problem resolution - once Mr. Takeda had the ball, I didn't have to worry about making sure any actions items were followed-up - he made sure things were handled and closed. Mr. Takeda demonstrated effective project management skills keeping prioritized lists for each subcontractor, and effectively followed up with plumbers, electricians, framers/carpenters, roofers, hardwood flooring, tile, and painters. 

As with any 'old' home issues are bound to arise - rot in my skylights, prior DYI cut framing supports, electrical issues - un-phased Mr. Takeda researched, and raised issues to my attention as warranted with solutions at hand to keep moving forward to completion. One example, my front door always problematic and a DYI 'addition' to the landing resulted in a problematic door swing, and sagging. Contractors suggested I replace the 11 foot double doors for $16,000.00 and Mr. Takeda through diligence was able to discern that the south wall was never attached to the foundation of the landing area. 3 days work - reframing the entry and my doors were saves with a minimal cost of a few thousand dollars. New doors simply would sag due to same construction defect. My floors slope by 2 degrees resulting in closet doors that didn't close properly, Mr. Takeda was able to identify the root cause, and reframe a sloped header solving the issue. Mr. Takeda worked with a welder building a custom railing for the entry of my home. 

I've had the privilege of working with many talented people, and Mr. Takeda is certainly one of the outstanding professional contractors that I have had the privilege of working with - particularly I have appreciated Mr. Takeda's multi-disciplinary technical ability, excellent communication skills and pure agility in adjusting to changing environments. Mr. Takeda has the right combination of a trained eye for construction defects, perfectionism, and patience to work a problem to resolution. He is an excellent finish carpenter, and I would hiring him again in heart beat. 

Thank you,

Anne Gardiner

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